March 2022 Project Update

The information below is the March 2022 project update newsletter and is intended to share information related to the ShopUW+ Project. You may share this information with colleagues. For additional information related to the project visit ShopUW+ Essentials Phase 2 Updates.

ShopUW+ System Update Coming March 18-20

The next ShopUW+ software system update is March 18-20. The system will be down starting 8 p.m., Friday, March 18, through 11 a.m., Sunday, March 20. More details will be available on ShopUW+ Essentials the week of March 14. You can find more information regarding the system changes on the System Updates page.

Saved Searches/Reports Enhancements Live on February 25

Enhancements to the Saved Searches/Reports feature in ShopUW+ went live on February 25. The enhancements focus on improving and expanding the library of saved searches and assisting ShopUW+ users to create, export, and schedule their own saved searches/reports with system-delivered functionality. The library of saved searches includes search filters common to users in the requester, approver, and central staff roles.

During the deployment of ShopUW+ in 2021, initial requirements were documented for creating a limited set of saved searches/reports in the platform. User feedback on the initially deployed ShopUW+ saved searches was used to improve and develop additional searches and develop resources to assist users.

Tip sheets to assist users in using saved searches/reporting are included on a new ShopUW+ Resources web page (see story below) that has also been launched. For security purposes, you will be required to use your campus login to access the ShopUW+ Resource page.

New ShopUW+ Resources Web Page

ShopUW+ launched a new ShopUW+ Resources web page on February 25 to replace the Quick Reference Guide. Changes have been made on the ShopUW+ Essentials website to replace the references and links of the Quick Reference Guide to the new ShopUW+ Resources web page.

Since the launch of ShopUW+, we’ve listened to your suggestions on how to make the ShopUW+ resources easier to use in searchability, organization, and format. Your feedback helped us create this new ShopUW+ Resources web page format that is easier and more reliable to access, makes it easier to search, able to see information grouped by user role, and have full process instructions.

For security purposes, you will be required to use your campus login to access the ShopUW+ Resources web page. Do not save or download the specific URLs but instead navigate back to this page each time a document is needed so you have the most accurate, up to date information.

Updates to ShopUW+ Essential Website

Several changes were recently made to the ShopUW+ Essentials website:

  • Links and references on several pages for the Quick Reference Guide have been changed to the new ShopUW+ Resources web page
  • The Supplier tab on the top red navigation bar was renamed Catalog Supplier

P2P Project Phase 2 Planning Update

Saved Searches/Reports enhancements were launched February 25.

These major business functions are in the Design & Configuration Phase: Contracts+, Research Materials Management, Spend Analytics, Sourcing, and Supplier Manager. The Design & Configuration Phase is for the work team to refine business requirements.

Supplier Manager is in the Testing, Training, and Prepare for Deployment Phase. This phase will test and validate functions of the system meet requirements, conduct stakeholder engagement, prepare learning and development resource, and complete technical preparation for go-live in May.

Business Function Phases

A grid and columns explaining the various business modules and process enhancements and respective timelines. Accurate as of March 1, 2022.

Phase 2 Business Function Spotlight – Contracts+

We will provide a more in-depth look at each Project Update of a new business function being developed during Phase 2 of the P2P project.

The Contracts+ module will deploy the remaining functionality associated with the Contracts+ module (for example, contract request intake, contract approval workflow, embedded redlining capabilities). This includes defining standardized business processes for the contract request, development, and approval process. The central, forward-facing repository will be used by all campuses to streamline contract creation and authoring.

Deployment target: October 2022

Benefits: Standardized business process. Improved contract compliance. Streamlines contract creation and authoring. eSignature.

ShopUW+ users impacted: Minimal impact to most ShopUW+ users and maximum impact to contract managers by providing faster contract execution, increased compliance, decreased risk, enhanced contract visibility, and accelerated collaboration across the organization.

  • Procurement organization (system-wide)
  • UW Leadership

Module work status: The Work Team started the Design and Configuration Phase in February. This will include several workshops for the Contracts and Sourcing team members along with Huron and Jaggaer consultants to perform system configuration.

During this phase the team will formulate and finalize these decisions to build the system:

  • Request Workflow, Approval Workflow & Execution
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Request Form Design
  • Intermodular Connectivity
  • Contract Types & Templates
  • Organizational Structure & Visibility
  • Contract Record Templates, Obligations & Defaults
  • Contract Reporting
  • UX & Dashboards