System Updates

The next ShopUW+ software system update is Nov. 15. Watch for details.

System Updates 7/25

This information describes the system updates made to ShopUW+, effective 7/25.

  • All roles will note the Checkout, Assign and Approve buttons have moved to the top of the screen
  • All roles: Dashboard navigation from Shopping Home changes to tabs instead of a drop-down
  • Shoppers, Requesters: Shopping cart prepared for and cart name in details on proceed to checkout screen moved
  • All roles: Drop-down to act on a transaction moved to the right of transaction number for all transaction types (shopping cart/requisition/purchase order/invoice)

Additional information for Shoppers, Requesters, and Approvers.

Additional information for Admin, AP, and Purchasing.

Improvements and Enhancements

This information describes the ongoing improvements and enhancements to ShopUW+.

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  • The system will now allow for two decimal places to be used in the quantity fields.

August Updates

  • To assist with AP processing, POs will now be going out with the payment terms of “Due Upon Receipt (DUR)” and an updated PO Clause that reads “When Payment Terms are listed as ‘Due Upon Receipt,’ payment shall be considered timely if the payment is mailed, delivered, or transferred within thirty (30) days after receipt of a properly completed invoice, unless the vendor is notified in writing by the agency of a dispute before payment is due.”
  • For Non-Catalog Orders to Enabled Suppliers (i.e. in situations where a catalog for a supplier exists but is currently not visible to your campus), the Distribution Review workflow step will now automatically trigger on POs to that supplier (to ensure the distribution is updated to ‘Email’ from ‘Manual’ by the Buyer).
  • Requester and Purchasing roles will receive an auto-reject notice for change requests against catalog orders shortly after submission. To cancel or change an order, contact the supplier directly. For funding changes, submit a non-salary cost transfer.

July Updates

  • Approvers will receive reminders by email every seven days for pending approvals that require their attention.
  • DP/PIR/ROR form instructions were improved for Requesters.
  • Changes were made to Req Wizard attachment fields: attachments are uploaded to the tab instead of the individual fields.

June Updates

  • Shoppers and Requesters have visibility to payment information.
  • AP Professionals and AP Managers can update the invoice owner on an invoice.
  • Approvers can assign substitute and ad hoc Approvers to form requests (DPs, PIRs and RORs).
  • Requesters can update the invoice owner on a returned invoice (to move it to AP).

May Updates

  • Buyers can add additional line items to pending requisitions.
  • Buyers, Controllers, AP Professionals, AP Directors should note review and creation of pre-payments moved to the end of PO workflow.
  • Approvers can update the account code or funding string on form requests (DPs, PIRs, and RORs).