Saved Searches/Reports enhancements live on February 25

Enhancements to the Saved Searches/Reports feature in ShopUW+ is live starting February 25, 2022. The enhancements focus on improving and expanding the library of saved searches and assisting ShopUW+ users to create, export, and schedule their own saved searches/reports with system-delivered functionality. The library of saved searches includes search filters common to users in the requester, approver, and central staff roles.

During the deployment of ShopUW+ in 2021, initial requirements were documented for creating a limited set of saved searches/reports in the platform. User feedback on the initially deployed ShopUW+ saved searches was used to improve and develop additional searches and develop resources to assist users.

Tip sheets to assist users in using saved searches/reporting are included on a ShopUW+ Resources web page that also launched February 25. Security requirements mean you must use your campus login to access the ShopUW+ Resources web page.