Phase 2 Updates

ShopUW+ Phase 2 logo - subheadline reads "Working together to transform purchasing and payments across UW System"

Phase 2 of the ShopUW+ project will adopt several business office-facing functions. Follow the Progress of these main business functions:


  • New Suppliers Need New W-9s

    As of April 8, 2024, all W-9’s submitted with a New Supplier Request or on a Supplier Change Request in ShopUW+ must be on the new March 2024 version of the W-9. A fillable version …

  • System Updates – March 2024

    This information describes the system updates to ShopUW+ effective 3/17/24: Summary of these changes can be found in the Jaggaer 24.1 System Updates summary (PDF).

  • More News

About Phase 2

The ShopUW+ project is divided into two phases:

  • Phase 1 started in fall 2019 and culminated with the launch of ShopUW+ in April 2021. The goal was to create one systemwide platform to improve processing times and workflows, eliminate paper transactions with electronic forms, and make accounts payable process more efficient and transparent.
  • Phase 2 is focused on enhancing ShopUW+. This includes adding business office-facing modules like Contracts+, Sourcing, Spend Analytics, and Supplier Manager. Additionally, ChemManager+ will support research, instructional, and support staff. This phase will also address several other business processes. Phase 2 started in late 2021 and will be complete by the end of 2022.

See below for needs, solutions, and benefits outlined at the start of the ShopUW+ project.

  • UW System’s multiple automated and paper business processes are not integrated, making purchasing complex and inefficient
  • Internal control issues mitigated with manual workarounds would be addressed with better technology and workflow approval
  • Audits indicate the need for a contract repository and improved internal controls
  • Implement a future state procure-to-pay cloud-based platform
  • Integrate the future state P2P solution to Shared Financial System (SFS)/PeopleSoft
  • Replace and improve upon current purchasing functionality
  • Analyze campus shadow/bolt-on systems for potential replacement or integration
  • Create one system–wide supplier file

Improved User Experience

  • Guided buying helps users find contracted products and services more efficiently
  • Status of requests and payments are visible throughout the lifecycle of the transaction
  • Cloud-based electronic workflows make review and approval of requests accessible anytime, anywhere

Increased Compliance

  • Visibility of purchasing and payables documentation facilitates audits and reconciliation
  • Approvals are documented and retrievable
  • Access to a central contract repository makes it easier to comply with on-contract purchasing

Improved Business Processes

  • Streamlined electronic processes reduce confusion and processing time
  • Electronic queues make it easier to manage workloads
  • Visibility to spend supports better budget management

Phase 2 Resources

Follow Phase 2 Progress

Keep up to date with Phase 2 to see changes are planned for different modules/business processes and when the changes will occur.

A grid displaying the timeline of Phase 2 updates from July 2021 until October 2022. Please email for a description of the timeline.

Phase 2 Project Team

Learn more about the people involved in the Phase 2 Update Process, including specific process teams.

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Assistance Using ShopUW+

We are working to resolve accessibility barriers in ShopUW+. To learn about the accessibility and usability of ShopUW+, go to ShopUW+ – Accessibility and Usability Information KB. 

If you need accessibility assistance, want to report an accessibility barrier, or if you are having difficulty using ShopUW+ or any of the training materials, email