July 2022 project update

The information below is the July 2022 project update newsletter and is intended to share information related to the ShopUW+ Project. (There was no June 2022 update.) You may share this information with colleagues. Additional information related to the project can be found on ShopUW+ Essentials Phase 2 Updates.

Supplier Manager User Resources Reminder

A ShopUW+ Essentials Supplier Manager User Resources web page is available to help users understand the Supplier Manager function and direct users to training resources on the ShopUW+ Training Resources page.

Business function updates

Supplier Manager

Pre-Go Live Preparation
10/1/21 – 5/8/22
Post Go-live Stabilization
5/9/22 – 6/10/22
FYE Troubleshooting
6/13/22 – present
  • Added 4 full-time staff members and 3 student interns
  • Supplier Team worked overtime to stabilize module members working
  • Added 1 PT Huron Consultant to help trouble shoot technical issues
  • Reassigned 1 internal resource to help monitor and expedite interface issues
  • Created Tip Sheets and FAQs
  • Provided training sessions for campus Purchasing/AP staff
  • Invited AP and Purchasing staff to Requester training sessions
  • Hosted weekly drop-in sessions for AP and Purchasing staff
  • Continuously updated FAQs and Tip Sheets
  • Hosting weekly drop-in sessions for AP and Purchasing staff
  • Continuously updated FAQs and Tip Sheets
Fixes & Enhancements
  • Streamlined withholding codes to all active Suppliers
  • Created 2 new forms to expedite proxy entering of suppliers
  • Deployed integration consultants to improve supplier sync
  • Deployed developers to resolve ACH banking issue
  • Enacted many technical fixes and updates documented in task JIRA
  • Campuses submitting ‘Expedite list’ for high priority new Suppliers and changes

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A table showing the number of registrations for various events from May - June 2022.

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A table showing the number of requests from suppliers at various points in time from May - June 2022.

Sourcing Module

The Sourcing module testing team continues its work, recently examining RFP testing and templates. A Sourcing Change Management Network Team is validating stakeholder profiles and the changes they can expect to see and reviewing change management strategies in preparation for the October launch.

Contracts+ Module

Testing by the Contracts+ module team continues as they finalize configuration and workflow. The Change Management team is developing a communication plan for stakeholders and assessing a variety of training tools in preparation for the October launch. 

ShopUW+ Essentials website updates

Several changes were recently made to ShopUW+ Essentials to make it easier to find ShopUW+ Training Resources. On the ShopUW+ Essentials home page, we’ve added a link to the top right next to ShopUW+ Login. You can also find the link under the Training tab on the red navigation header or in the Quick Links box. You will find tip sheets on the ShopUW+ Training Resources page based on your ShopUW+ user role.

ShopUW+ Essentials system update July 18

The next ShopUW+ software system update is scheduled for July 18. ShopUW+ will be down from 8:00 pm, Friday, July 15, to 11:00 am, Sunday, July 17, for system updates. More details will be available on ShopUW+ Essentials System Updates page.

P2P Project Phase 2 Planning Update

The major business functions have been Deployed: Saved Searches/Reports enhancements (February 25) and Supplier Manager (May 9).

These major business functions started the Test/Train/Prepare for Deployment Phase in May: Contracts+, Sourcing, and Spend Analytics. This phase will test and validate those functions of the system meet requirements, conduct stakeholder engagement, learning and development, and technical preparation for go-live.

This business function is in the Design & Configuration Phase: ChemManager+ (Research Materials Management). Pilot programs will begin in the fall. The Configuration Phase is for the work team to refine business requirements.

Business Function Phases

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A grid showing the different phases for each of the business functions and enhancements. Current as of July 13, 2022.