August 2022 project update

The information below is the August 2022 project update newsletter and is intended to share information related to the ShopUW+ / Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Project. You may share this information with colleagues. Additional information related to the project can be found on ShopUW+ Essentials Phase 2 Updates.

Sourcing-Contract-Supplier Validation workshops held

The P2P team held in-person and virtual Cross-Module Validation Workshops August 2-5, 2022 at UW–Madison. The exercise included members from the ShopUW+ Supplier, Sourcing, and Contracts Design Teams to validate that the full suite system design aligns with future state business processes. The team members spent four days covering sourcing event request and creation; sourcing evaluation and award; PO processing; contract initiation and execution; supplier registration; supplier response; payment processing; and contract management.

Sourcing and Contracts+ module update

The Sourcing and Contracts+ change management teams are working together to coordinate engagement activities because of similar stakeholders. The Sourcing module team presented the new concepts associated with the sourcing module at the systemwide purchasing teleconference on Aug. 9 to acquaint them with the new terminology of work groups, event users (roles), business process snapshot, and workflow. A similar meeting for Contracts+ is planned for Sept. 13. The Sourcing and Contracts+ change management teams have started meeting weekly with system procurement directors to discuss pre-launch and post-launch engagement activities.

ChemManager+ to Launch on three campuses on August 22

In March 2022, the ChemManager+ Project Team began design and configuration. In June and July, the team engaged end-users in testing. Preparations for the August 22 deployment at UW–Milwaukee (4 pilot departments), UW–Stevens Point, and UW–Oshkosh are underway.

Sequenced launch communications to stakeholders at UW–Milwaukee, UW–Stevens Point, and UW–Oshkosh began the week of August 1, with an email to campus leadership confirming August 22 deployments and awareness of the support plan. Users onboarding to ChemManager+ on August 22 have started receiving deployment notification emails with information to support onboarding.

Onboarding and support for ChemManager+ users include training, drop-in office hours, Problem Solvers customer service, and periodic updates on ShopUW+ Essentials website.

Business Function phases

A grid showing the different phases for each of the business functions and enhancements. Current as of August 11, 2022.

FY 2022 ShopUW+ activity report

More than 227,000 purchase orders totally more than $1.06 billion have been made through ShopUW+ from July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022.

Business Unit Count of PO Sum of Total Amount
UW – Systemwide 564 71,926,859.14
UW – Superior 1,673 14,359,536.44
UW – Whitewater 2,376 33,653,633.21
UW – Platteville 2,495 14,855,940.12
UW – Parkside 3,064 19,403,829.14
UW – Eau Claire 3,661 19,755,034.03
UW – Stout 3,706 18,677,405.71
UW – River Falls 4,071 21,099,795.43
UW – Green Bay 4,249 21,254,631.17
UW – Oshkosh 4,686 46,792,832.83
UW – Stevens Point 5,713 23,884,585.23
UW – La Crosse 8,715 35,333,750.11
UW – Milwaukee 9,755 89,891,000.24
UW – Madison 172,275 630,167,984.34
Grand Total 227,003 1,061,056,817.14