ShopUW+ Supplier Manager Function launch

ShopUW+ launches its Supplier Manager module May 9. The Supplier Manager module moves all supplier management processes from the Shared Financial System (SFS) into ShopUW+. The Supplier Manager module stores all supplier information in ShopUW+, allowing ShopUW+ users to manage supplier data with a more automated process. This will decrease ShopUW+ user time spent managing data changes and increase supplier information visibility by having supplier information all in one place.

A new Jaggaer Supplier Portal also launched for Suppliers to provide and update their own information in a secured environment to help expedite their transaction and payment processing. Suppliers will be able to manage their own data such as supplier contact information, payment addresses, and tax forms. The portal includes FAQs for suppliers on how to use the portal.

For ShopUW+ Users, a ShopUW+ Essentials Supplier Manager User Resources web page is available to help users guide suppliers to use the Jaggaer Supplier Portal and direct them to training resources on the ShopUW+ Resources page. For security purposes, you will be required to use your campus login to access the ShopUW+ Resource page.

For Suppliers, a ShopUW+ Essentials Supplier Resources web page is available for suppliers to get information on how to become a registered supplier and access the Jaggaer Supplier Portal.