Supplier Resources

The University of Wisconsin System is using ShopUW+ as its new procurement tool that integrates procurement functions across our 13 universities.

For suppliers, this includes a new supplier registration process, new sourcing event/bid submission process, and new contracts process. These changes will make it easier for suppliers to do business with the UW System.

Register as a supplier

Register as a supplier and update your own information in the ShopUW+ Jaggaer Supplier Portal. The new supplier portal is UW System’s secured single point of entry for suppliers to update information and receive invitations to sourcing events. Registration does not constitute a claim of receiving business with UW System. 

If you have already been paid by the University of Wisconsin for an invoice or payment, please do not register through the portal unless you receive an invitation to register.

If during the registration process you receive a message stating you are an existing University of Wisconsin Supplier or Payee, please follow the instructions in the message.

Registered suppliers can securely provide banking information for Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, certificates of insurance, and diversity certifications. The ShopUW+ Jaggaer Supplier Portal also collects mandatory IRS forms such as a W-9, and identifies the legal structure of the supplier. 

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Existing suppliers

Existing suppliers will be invited to register through our portal, giving them access to update their current information.

The ShopUW+ supplier invitation e-mail looks like the screenshot below:

Screen shot of ShopUW+ registration email sent to suppliers

Registered suppliers

Suppliers who are registered suppliers should log into the ShopUW+ Jaggaer Supplier Portal, where you will find instructions on using the portal.  

The main supplier registration page looks like the screenshot below:

Screen shot of Jaggaer's Supplier portal used by UW System suppliers to register

Determine if you are an active UW System supplier

Check your status by contacting the campus purchasing department you have worked with to get assistance using the system.  

Supplier customer support 

If you did not find an answer to your ShopUW+ Jaggaer Supplier Portal question in this section, contact the UW System Shared Supplier File Administration Team, (608) 262-5748.

If you are experiencing technical issues while using the ShopUW+ Jaggaer Portal, contact the Jaggaer Supplier Network Support, (800) 233-1121.   

Sourcing events/bids

The ShopUW+ Sourcing business function will standardize the business processes of event initiation and creation, bid posting, and awarding to suppliers. ​ 

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Sourcing event search

Suppliers can use the ShopUW+ Public Bid Board to locate University of Wisconsin System sourcing events. You can still search for UW System bids on the State of Wisconsin VendorNet website.

How to review and submit a bid


For questions about a specific sourcing event or if you experience problems submitting a response through ShopUW+, contact the individual listed in the Contacts (also listed as the Buyer in the sourcing event).

If you are experiencing technical issues while using the ShopUW+ Jaggaer Portal, contact the Jaggaer Supplier Network Support, (800) 233-1121. 


The Contracts+ module will automate the contract creation process and improve access to contracts.


Review and Edit a Contract (PDF)

Assistance using ShopUW+

We are currently working to resolve accessibility barriers in ShopUW+. To learn about the accessibility and usability of ShopUW+, go to ShopUW+ — Accessibility and Usability Information KB. 

If you need accessibility assistance, want to report an accessibility barrier, or if you are having difficulty using ShopUW+ or any of the training materials, email