January 2022 Project Update

The information below is the January 2022 project update newsletter and is intended to share information related to the ShopUW+ Project. You may share this information with colleagues. For additional information related to the project visit ShopUW+ Essentials Phase 2 Updates.

Phase 2 Project Updates Now on ShopUW+ Essentials

ShopUW+ Essentials has been updated to include updates on the work on Phase 2 business functions. This is your go-to place for everything related to the access, resources, and updates of the ShopUW+ platform. Watch this video to learn more about the new navigation and information available.

Here are the main changes you will notice:

  • The P2P project website that has been used since the start of the P2P project will no longer be used to communicate updates on ShopUW+ business functions. The link for that site will automatically redirect to ShopUW+ Essentials.
  • On the ShopUW+ Essentials home page, we have two new locations to access the ShopUW+ platform – in the upper right of the home page and the red button above the Quick Links column.
  • A link to Phase 2 Updates appears on the top red navigation bar.
  • On the Phase 2 Updates page you will see announcements on Phase 2 updates, links directly to one of the main business functions under construction, and Share Your Thoughts on the project.
  • On the Follow the Progress page you will find details of the improved functionality coming in Phase 2. This is where you also get learning and development resources for the module when they become available.

P2P Project Phase 2 Planning Update

These major business functions have completed the Discovery Phase: Contracts+, Research Materials Manager, Spend Analytics, Supplier Manager, and Sourcing. Each work team prepared a Discovery Brief that includes recommendations, project timeline, resources, and change management considerations for the work teams in the Preparation Phase. The Preparation phase includes validating the project plan and resources required for all phases of the project, reviewing prior documentation/research, completing pre-design work, and defining requirements. The Contracts+, Supplier Manager, and Sourcing work teams have been holding joint meetings because of the connection of those business functions.

Phase 2 Business Function Spotlight — Spend Analytics

We will provide a more in-depth look in each Project Update of a new business functions being developed during Phase 2 of the P2P project.

Spend Analytics provides visibility into organization-wide spend and consolidates and categorizes into a common language. This also delivers reports and information needed for sourcing and supplier-related decisions.  

 A Spend Analytics module will be deployed. It will bring various spend data into one solution. This module would have direct feeds from the ERP and P-card application to aggregate with the spend data available in ShopUW+. This gives the institution a view of spend data that will be periodically aggregated.  

Deployment target: June 2022

Benefits: Will help provide a single “source of truth” and visibility to UW-System wide spend. The tool will reconcile spend data across multiple systems and data environment. Deliver reporting that can be used for actionable sourcing and supplier related decisions.

ShopUW+ users impacted: Minimal impact to most ShopUW+ users as this tool/reporting will provide powerful information to for future spend decisions.

  • UW Leadership
  • Procurement organization (system-wide)
  • Controllers

Module work status: Wrapped up Discovery Phase in December. The Preparation Phase will start in January as currently planned. Currently identifying the sources of data that will be used with Spend Analytics, who is the current owner of that data and what challenges may be encountered with collecting/sharing the spend data.