December 2021 Project Update

The information below is the December 2021 project update newsletter and is intended to share information related to the ShopUW+ Project. Please share this information with colleagues. For additional information related to the project visit For information on and access to ShopUW+ visit

P2P Project Phase 2 Planning Update

Work on several new modules and business functions in Phase 2 is underway. These initiatives have completed the Discovery Phase: Supplier Manager and Sourcing. Discovery work on Contracts+, Spend Analytics, and Research Materials Manager is still underway. The discovery phase investigates and finalizes the scope of work for the initiative. This will help the project team understand the broader context of the task and determine its viability within the project timeline.

Work on the Supplier Manager and Sourcing module is moving into a Preparation Phase. The Preparation phase includes validating the project plan and resources required for all phases of the project, reviewing prior documentation/research, completing pre-design work, and defining requirements.

Phase 2 Business Function Spotlight – Supplier Manager

We will provide a more in-depth look in each Project Update of a new business functions being developed during Phase 2 of the P2P project.

Supplier Manager in ShopUW+ stores and maintains all supplier information and enables suppliers to maintain their own data. A Supplier Manager module will be deployed to store all supplier information in ShopUW+ and enable suppliers to maintain their own data. Supplier management decreases user time spent managing data changes and increases supplier information visibility by putting it all in one place.

Deployment Target: October 2022

Benefits: Standardized, automated process. Easily and securely stores supplier details and engages suppliers to maintain their own data. Interfaces with shared financial system.

ShopUW+ Users impacted:  Users who need to add a new supplier or make a change to existing supplier data.

Module Work Status: The Deployment Team completed its Preparation work in November. The change management strategy will be focused on informing and educating stakeholders of the new business processes and workflows while identifying and understanding opportunities to enhance supplier self- service capability.

The Module Team includes representation from across the UW System with expertise in the shared supplier file, compliance/risk, and the shared financial system.

The Design and Configuration Phase will start the week of Nov. 29 and will include several workshops for team members and selected subject matter experts to define business processes, document requirements, and partner with Huron and Jaggaer consultants to perform system configuration.

Changes Coming to ShopUW+ Essentials

By mid-December, ShopUW+ Essentials will be the location for updates on Phase 2 of the Procure to Pay Automation Project (P2P). This addition of project updates to ShopUW+ Essentials will replace the P2P Project website. The link to that site will be redirected to ShopUW+ Essentials. We want to provide users one location to get updates on ShopUW+ business functions that will be deployed. You will also be able to Share Your Thoughts about the new features and view the project timeline and see the project leaders. In preparation of this change, we’ve moved the ShopUW+ Login link on the home page and added it to a different menu bar (white utility bar).

ShopUW+ Quick Reference Guide Updates

The ShopUW+ Quick Reference Guide was recently updated. The following updates were made:

  • Using Header vs. Line Item funding
  • Split funding examples
  • Definitions for new processes
  • Supplier email for non-catalog orders
  • Change Request reason required
  • Using comments for expanded business purpose if needed
  • Dashboard tab-based navigation
  • Capital equipment order process selector and content
  • And more

ShopUW+ System Updates

ShopUW+ was updated as of November 15. Learn more about the ShopUW+ System Updates. Here are the system updates made to ShopUW+:

  • Requesters, Approvers, Buyers, and Accounts Payable Roles: The Change Request Reason section for change requests has moved to the top of the page and is now a required field.
  • Requesters, Approvers, Buyers, and Accounts Payable Roles: Change requests can process after new invoices are submitted.
  • Approvers: All approval pages are now located on one centralized page but are still accessible by the original links. They appear as tabs across the top so you can easily switch between approval pages.
  • Approvers and Buyers: The red button labeled “Assign” has been replaced by a head and shoulders icon that will display “Assign” if hovered over.
  • Buyers and Purchasing Directors: External communications options are now in their own tab on a change request.
  • Shoppers and Requesters: Will now be able to view Addresses and Fulfillment centers when using the supplier search page
  • Form Changes: The question, Is an invoice attached that requires prepayment? has been added to the non-conforming form. If answered yes, the form will now route to Accounts Payable Staff on your campus. Also note: Two questions on the PIR form were combined to create a new question. The new question reads: Was this a service performed in the United States and is the payee a US resident/citizen/entity for tax purposes?