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ShopUW+ Quick Reference Guide

Shop UW Plus Quick Reference GuideThe ShopUW+ Quick Reference Guide (QRG), located in Canvas, will help you answer most of your questions about using the new platform. You must be enrolled in the Shopper Skills course to access the ShopUW+ QRG.

You will find step-by-step instructions to complete more than 50 processes, with a summary, standard navigation options, and screenshots to guide you as you begin working in ShopUW+. We recommend you download the ShopUW+ QRG to your desktop because it is easier to navigate than the guide in Canvas. Check here for updates and download a new version after updates have been made.

The following updates have been made to the ShopUW+ QRG:

Process Summary Page(s) Date Updated
Expanded Business Purpose Added using comments for an expanded business purpose if needed 74 11/22/21
Supplier Email Added supplier email for non-catalog orders 77 11/22/21
Ad Hoc Ship To Address Favorite/Default Added saving an ad hoc ship to address as favorite or default 81 11/22/21
Change Request Reason Change Requests require a change request reason to be entered 104 11/22/21
Definitions for new processes covered in guide Added Capital Equipment, Expense item, Header Funding String, Line Item Override Funding String and Split Department Funding definitions 2-3 11/10/21
Setting Defaults for Ship To Address Added Bldg/Room change to Suite/RM and how to add a room number 13-14 11/10/21
Check Action Form available to Shoppers The Check Action form is now accessible by those with the Shopper role (previously Requesters only) 17, 114 11/10/21
Dashboard Navigation Dashboards have been updated to display tab-based navigation 18 11/10/21
Capital Equipment Orders Process Selector Process Selector revised to include capital equipment purchases and new page added to determine process if purchasing both capital and expense items 31-32 11/10/21
Capital Equipment Orders – Mixing Capital and Expense Items Added content for new Capital Equipment orders when using a Punchout catalog and mixing capital and expense items
Added content for new Capital Equipment orders when using the Requisition Wizard and mixing capital and expense items


Supplier not in ShopUW+ Added content for when a supplier is not found in ShopUW+ to get supplier added 48, 54, 57 11/10/21
Shopping: Non-Catalog Item, Standing Order, Requisition Wizard Clarifies not to create 0 quantity lines on requisitions for Non-Catalog Item, Standing Order, and Requisition Wizard 50, 54, 63 11/10/21
Requisition Wizard Save to Cart and Add Another – Attachments Clarifies that using the Save to Cart and Add Another button in the Requisition Wizard may duplicate attachments 64 11/10/21
Ad Hoc Shipping Address Updated to include second line of ad hoc shipping address 79-80 11/10/21
Split Funding Split funding scenario updates 81, 83 11/10/21
Funding – Using Header vs Line item Funding Added high level guidance on when to use funding at the head level or at the line item level
Added Funding Setup Selector to guide users through header vs line level funding choice


Line Item Funding Added content for funding an order using line item funding 86-87 11/10/21
Submitting Requisitions – Prepared For Added description of the Prepared for field when submitting a requisition 93 11/10/21
Closing Purchase Orders Added content for Purchase Order (PO) Close functionality 105-106 11/10/21

AP Quick Reference Guide

Use the AP Quick Reference Guide as a supplement to the ShopUW+ QRG to explain the Direct Payment, Payment to Individual, Refund of Receipts, Check Action Form, and Approving Invoices. You must be enrolled in the Requester Skills course to access the AP Quick Reference Guide.

The following updates have been made to the AP Quick Reference Guide.:

Process Summary Page(s) Date Updated
New Supplier – Direct Payment (DP), Payment to Individual Request (PIR) and Refund of Receipts (ROR) Added contact for how to request a new supplier be added to ShopUW+ for Direct Payments (DP), Payment to Individual Request (PIR), and Refund of Receipts (ROR) 4, 6, 8 9/10/21
Attachments – DP/PIR/ROR Added attachments section for DP, PIR, and ROR forms 5, 7, 9 9/10/21
Check Action for Shoppers Updated roles that can access Check Action Form to include Shoppers 10 9/10/21
Save Form as Favorite Added instructions on how to save the AP Forms as favorites to re-use 11 9/10/21
Approving Payments – Funding Edits Added ability for Approvers to edit funding to instructions 12 9/10/21
Assigning Ad Hoc Approver Added assigning an ad hoc Approver to instructions 13 9/10/21
Assigning Substitute Approver Added assigning a substitute Approver to instructions 14 9/10/21
Returned Invoices Added instructions for managing an invoice returned to a Requester 15 9/10/21
Format of AP Quick Reference Guide Streamlined look and feel of AP Quick Reference Guide All 9/10/21

ShopUW+ is under continuous refinement. Features and appearance may be slightly different between what is shown in resources and the system.