ShopUW+ Sourcing and Contracts+ Modules launched

The ShopUW+ Sourcing and Contracts+ modules are deployed as of October 17.

The Sourcing business function will standardize the business processes of event initiation and creation, bid posting, and awarding to suppliers. ​Those involved in sourcing events will see a change in the use of standardized templates for RFx events and the workflow to drive the business process requirements paired with automated bid posting and award functionality.

​The Contracts+ module will automate the contract creation process and improve access to contracts across the UW System. The module will deploy functionality that defines standardized business processes for contract request, development, and approval. It will also house a central, forward-facing contract repository that will be used by all campuses to improve access and management of contracts while increasing compliance.

For ShopUW+ users of these functions, all training resources for Sourcing and Contracts+ are available on the ShopUW+ Training Resources page. Users should contact with any questions related to these business functions.

For Suppliers, the ShopUW+ Supplier Resources page includes instructions on registering as a supplier, searching and submitting bids, and managing contracts.