November 2021 Project Update

The information below is the November 2021 project update newsletter and is intended to share information related to the ShopUW+ Project. Please share this information with colleagues. For additional information related to the project visit For information on and access to ShopUW+ visit

P2P Project Phase 2 Planning Update

Work on several new modules and business functions in Phase 2 is underway. These initiatives started a discovery phase in October: IT Purchasing and Controls, Sourcing, Contracts+, and Research Materials Manager. Discovery work on Spend Analytics will start in November. The discovery phase investigates and finalizes the scope of work for the initiative. This will help the project team understand the broader context of the task and determine its viability within the project timeline.

Work on the Supplier Manager module is moving into a preparation phase which includes validating the project plan and resources required for all phases of the project, reviewing prior documentation/research, completing pre-design work, and defining requirements.

Phase 2 New Functionality

This is a description of the major new functionality being reviewed for potential development in Phase 2 of the project:

IT Purchasing – Implementation of a standardized IT purchasing business process workflow in ShopUW+. This includes purchasing from (1) desktops, laptops, & peripherals, (2) enterprise-wide computing software catalog and, (3) inventory of annual software to expedite review and approval.

Contracts+ – Deployment of the remaining functionality associated with the Contracts+ module (for example, contract request intake, contract approval workflow, embedded redlining capabilities). Includes defining standardized business processes for the contract request, development, and approval process.

Research Materials Management – Deployment of a chemical catalog ordering and inventory control module. This module offers advanced tracking of chemicals to specific campus locations to comply with federal purchasing standards and chemical inventory management requirements. This module may have a lengthy deployment phase and will not be implemented at all campuses in Phase 2.

Sourcing – Deployment of the Sourcing module to create standardized, automated process, improved management of solicitations, and improved visibility from requisition to sourcing event to contract to PO. Standardized sourcing business processes will reflect State and institutional requirements.

Spend Analytics – Deployment of the Spend Analytics module will bring all spend data into one solution. This module would have direct feeds from the ERP and pcard application to aggregate with the spend data available in ShopUW+. This gives the institution a near real time view of spend data.

Supplier Manager – Deployment of the Supplier Manager module (for example, supplier self-service, supplier onboarding workflow, automated compliance checks). Once a supplier is request is approved, the data will be integrated with SFS and in most cases, supplier maintenance is conducted in ShopUW+.

ShopUW+ System Outage and Update

The ShopUW+ software vendor will issue a system update the weekend of Nov. 12. ShopUW+ will not be available from the evening of Friday, Nov. 12, to the morning of Sunday, Nov. 14, while the system updates are made. More information about the update will be posted on the ShopUW+ System Updates web page.