Supplier Manager User Resources

The Supplier Manager module stores all supplier information in ShopUW+, allowing users to manage supplier data with a more automated process. This will decrease user time spent managing data changes and increase supplier information visibility by having supplier information all in one place.

Go to the ShopUW+ Training Resources web page (see “Requester Resources”) for tip sheets and other resources to help you use the new module. For security purposes, access is available after you use your campus login information.

Suppliers can find information about how to become a registered supplier on the ShopUW+ Supplier Resources page.

Important! Adding a new supplier requires you to submit a new supplier request through ShopUW+. Do not send the Jaggaer Supplier portal link. Suppliers who register as a cold call through the Jaggaer Supplier portal link will not go through Supplier approval and will not receive a supplier number, which is required for POs and payment requests.

FAQs for ShopUW+ Users

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Doing business with UW System

If a supplier is interested in doing business with the University of Wisconsin System (i.e., receiving a purchase order for goods and services), how should I direct them?

To learn more about doing business with the University of Wisconsin System direct interested suppliers to the ShopUW+ Supplier Resources  page.

About Jaggaer Supplier Portal

What is the Jaggaer Supplier Portal and how does it work with ShopUW+?

The tool is a Jaggaer product. The supplier portal feeds into ShopUW+ and is used by suppliers to provide and update information in a secured environment to help expedite their transaction and payment processing. The supplier portal will save information such as supplier contact information, payment addresses, and tax forms. New suppliers will be invited to register on the portal starting May 9, 2022.

Why should suppliers register in the supplier portal?

The supplier portal is a secure, single point of entry for suppliers to review their record and update information. W-9/W-8 tax forms can be auto-populated and digitally signed via DocuSign in the portal.  Additionally, it provides suppliers with the ability to securely provide banking information for Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments and to upload insurance certificates when required.

What changes does a supplier make to their profile in the Jaggaer Supplier Portal?

A supplier who logs into the Supplier Portal can make changes to data in their record, as well as add contacts, websites, addresses, banking information, and other business characteristics including insurance coverage and diversity classifications.

What does the supplier registration look like? 

Screen shot of Jaggaer's Supplier portal used by UW System suppliers to register

Supplier invitations to register

How will existing suppliers in the Shared Financial System (SFS) be registered in the new ShopUW+ Supplier Portal?

Shared Supplier File Administration (SSFA) will send invitations to groups of existing suppliers to create a login and register in the Jaggaer Supplier Portal. Invitations will be prioritized on the frequency/volume of use. Some supplier records will continue to be managed by the SSFA based on the complexities of the organizational structure or other factors that the SSFA determines would be best handled by SSFA record administration.

Will there be notification to the requester if a supplier does not respond to the invitation?

No. Requesters receive notifications when supplier invitations are approved and when suppliers are registered and approved. Requesters should monitor their supplier requests and will be able to see which suppliers have not responded to the invitation. A tip sheet is available on the Supplier Manager User Resources page showing how to track supplier requests.

Are there suppliers that we do business with who are not expected to use the portal?

The SSFA team may choose to proxy enter information for suppliers with complex business structures. These suppliers will not be invited to register in the portal. This will be determined by the SSFA team and will not affect the process for campus requesters.

What does the ShopUW+ supplier invitation e-mail look like?

Screen shot of ShopUW+ registration email sent to suppliers

Who is notified a new supplier has been invited?

The requester will receive an email and notification, if default Supplier Management notifications are turned on.

Is the invitation sent to individuals the same as for businesses? Do individuals see all the business-related questions, diversity info, etc.

No, it is a different invitation. Individuals do not have business diversity or insurance sections.

Could we please get pdf copies of the actual invitation forms sent to individuals?

You can reference the Supplier Invitations here:

How do I know when a new supplier is ready to use?

The requester will receive an email and notification indicating that the supplier has been approved in workflow, if default Supplier Management notifications are turned on.

What if the supplier I am going to engage with does not have the capability to use the portal (lack access to technology)?

The New Supplier Request-Long Form can be used in this circumstance.

What if a supplier contacts me with a technical concern using the Jaggaer Supplier Portal?

The supplier should be directed to contact Jaggaer customer service per their supplier portal invitation email.

What can we do to help suppliers?

Once a supplier receives an invitation, it may be helpful to reach out to them indicating that they will receive an email with a link through which they can complete their registration as an individual or business. They will need to create a password, provide their contact, remittance, and tax information. Only fields with an asterisk are required.

Supplier changes

When is a supplier change completed and the supplier ready to use?

The requester will receive an email and notification when the supplier change request has been approved in workflow, if their default Supplier Management notifications are turned on.

What do I do if my suppliers submits an insurance certificate with more than one type of insurance?

Please select one type of insurance on the supplier change form and the supplier team will enter any additional coverages into the supplier record.

Technical assistance for suppliers

What if the supplier I am going to engage with does not have an email address?


Supplier registration

If I am working with a new supplier, what do they need to do?

If they have provided you with a quote for goods/services and are not an already registered supplier in our system, you need to submit a New Supplier Request using the link in the Supplier Management Dashboard in ShopUW+. Once you complete the request, the Shared Supplier File Administration (SSFA) team will email an invitation to the supplier to register and complete an online profile in the new supplier portal. They will be required to answer questions related to their company/organization (for example, address, contacts, payment method) and upload a current W-9/W-8 form.

Do one-time suppliers such as guest lecturers, research participants, grant sub-award recipients, and local non-profits need to register in the supplier portal?

The UW System requires a company, organization, or individual who normally is paid through a non-PO invoice, to register and update data including banking information for ACH payments. Registration also satisfies the IRS requirements to securely collect a W-9 form and properly classify vendors.

Are certificates of insurance required by suppliers for registration?

Certifications of insurance are preferred but not required to be uploaded by a supplier in order to register as a new supplier. Suppliers will be notified when required to provide a certificate of insurance.

When requesting a new supplier in ShopUW+ is there a need to use all capital letters like we had to do previously in the Shared Financial System (SFS)?

No. The data will be converted to all capital letters during a data sync.

When requesting a new supplier in ShopUW+ is there a specific format we need to follow for optional attachments?

No. They can be in any format such as PDF, Word, or Excel.

What information is required for a supplier to complete their registration?

The supplier invitation will gather information such as tax ID, supplier type, contacts, addresses, tax documents, and diversity information. Different information is gathered for individuals, most notably foreign individuals where W-8BEN documents will need to be completed.

What are the different types of Request Status?

  • “Incomplete” means a requester started a New Supplier Request and either did not complete all the required fields or did not check the Certification box and click on Complete Request.
  • “Under Review” means the SSFA team has the request for review but has not sent out an invitation yet.
  • “Returned” means the SSFA team sent the request back to you to get more information or clarification.
  • “Rejected” means the SSFA team returned the request back to you, most likely for a duplicate supplier in the system, and cannot be resubmitted.
  • “Approved” means the SSFA team has sent an invitation to register to the supplier.

What does it mean if a supplier has a Registration Status of “none”?

Supplier status refers to the point in time progress of a supplier registration and profile set up. It helps you track what stage your submitted supplier requests are in. There are several statuses:

  • None: Supplier has not been invited to register
  • Invited: Supplier has been invited to register. However, the supplier has not yet responded to the invitation by activating their login
  • In Progress: Supplier has been invited to register and has begun entering information into their registration profile but has not yet submitted the profile
  • Profile Complete: Supplier has completed all required fields on registration and submitted. The registration is with the SSFA team for review and approval
  • Rejected: SSFA team has rejected the supplier registration based on the information provided
  • Approved: Supplier has completed registration and it has been approved by the SSFA team

This can be seen in My Supplier Requests after the supplier request has been approved. You also see it in the Supplier Record and Supplier Search.

Suppliers created in SFS before the Supplier Module implementation will all have the Registration status of None. Many of these suppliers will receive invitations to enroll through our supplier portal in the future.

Will I be able to see all the supplier addresses?

Yes. Requesters are now able to see all supplier remittance and fulfillment addresses available in ShopUW+.

What should campus contacts do if a supplier sends them a new email address, a remittance address change, or a change to banking or other information?

Campus contacts should submit a Supplier Change Request form.

Who is permitted to be the primary contact for a supplier’s profile?

The individual serving as the primary contact for a supplier’s profile must be designated by the company/organization as the appropriate person to provide tax identification and bank account information for that company/organization.

How do I get an inactive supplier reactivated in ShopUW+?

Submit a Supplier Change Request form. Select the Reactivate Supplier box and include the business purpose for reactivation.

What is Out of Band Verification and how do I know if I need to attach it?

Out-of-band verification (OOBV) is a related System policy where validation of changes requires a secondary verification method through a separate, independent communication channel or network. If you submit a Supplier Change Request as a result of an email from the supplier, you must attach the email with your Supplier Change Request form. The SSFA will complete the OOBV step when making a proxy change to the supplier record. Or, if you have completed verification of the change request through an independent channel, please attach it to your request.

What is the difference between the Supplier Requester and Requester role in ShopUW+? What steps are needed to have one of these roles assigned toe?

The Supplier Requester role allows you to submit supplier requests but not requisitions or payment requests. Discuss the role you will need with your supervisor and work with your Campus Contact to determine whether a role change is necessary. Requester and Approver role changes must be submitted using an SFS Security Request Form following these instructions.

International / Foreign suppliers

Can a foreign supplier be paid via ACH?

A foreign supplier can only be paid via ACH if they have a domestic bank account.

Does wire transfer information get entered into the supplier record?

No. Wire transfer information is specific to the payment and is not retained within the supplier record. Please continue your current process for wire transfers.

What should I enter in the required Tax Identification Number field for a foreign supplier on the Supplier Request-Long Form?

Type the word NONUSSRCE in the tax identification number field.

Supplier payment

How do we pay a supplier who is unresponsive to the invitation to join our supplier portal?

This is a rare occasion; however, here are the proactive steps that SSFA performs: an invitation to register is sent to the supplier, after 5 days a reminder email is sent to the supplier, after another 5 days another reminder email is sent to the supplier. If the supplier has not registered after 14 days, the SSFA team will send an email to the supplier via DocuSign with information to complete so the supplier can be added to ShopUW+. If the supplier still does not reply, the SSFA team may contact the requester to see if they are able to engage the supplier and explain the importance of providing the information if the supplier wishes to do business with the University.

What does “In Network” mean when searching for a supplier in ShopUW+?

“In Network” indicates the supplier is part of UW System’s supplier database. Please only search for “In Network” suppliers. Jaggaer maintains a large supplier database and some suppliers may be part of the Jaggaer network but not part of UW System’s. Any supplier not listed as “In Network” will need to be invited to register to become a UW System supplier.

When there are different payment terms requested by suppliers, where will the system route them?

When there is a request for payment terms we do not already have listed, campus purchasing directors receive a notification action item within the system.

Do I have to verify the supplier is not an employee who should be paid on payroll?

No, this is one of the steps in the workflow process completed by Shared Supplier File Administration (SSFA). Your supplier request will be returned with a comment if the supplier is an employee.

Is it mandatory for suppliers to register for ACH payments?

Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments allow funds to be directly deposited into supplier accounts, replacing paper checks that may require a trip to the bank to deposit or that may be lost in the mail. Although registering for ACH payments through our secure Supplier Portal is preferred, it is not mandatory. If they do not register for ACH payments, they will receive a paper check and it will take longer to process payments.

Will ACH failure notifications go directly to the Shared Supplier File Administration team (SSFA) or will the current notification process be used and campus AP will request the supplier change?

Shared Supplier File Administration (SSFA) will not get notifications. The notifications will continue to be received by the individual campus’ AP contact assigned to receive these notices, and the campus AP contact should submit a supplier change request form. Please attach the ACH failure notification to your Supplier Change Request.

Does wire transfer information get entered into the supplier record?

No. Wire transfer information is specific to the payment and is not retained within the supplier record. Please continue your current process for wire transfers.

If the payment name on the invoice does not match the supplier record, can requesters request that an alt payment name be added?

Alt payment names will no longer be added but a DBA name can be added if it appears on the W-9.

If a supplier needs to be paid right away, is there a way to expedite the proxy entry of the supplier or change request?

In an emergency payment situation, add the payment due date to the internal comments field on the New Supplier Request or Supplier Change Request Form. The SSFA team still must collect all of the required supplier information to complete a proxy entry.

What should campus contacts do if suppliers send W-9s, insurance certificates, or ACH forms to them?

Campus contacts should submit a Supplier Change Request form. Attach the forms along with any accompanying communications received from the supplier.

If you did not find an answer to your ShopUW+ supplier manager question in the FAQs, contact the UWSA Problem Solvers:

Assistance using ShopUW+

We are currently working to resolve accessibility barriers in ShopUW+. To learn about the accessibility and usability of ShopUW+, go to ShopUW+ — Accessibility and Usability Information KB. 

If you need accessibility assistance, want to report an accessibility barrier, or if you are having difficulty using ShopUW+ or any of the training materials, email