ShopUW+ Accessibility and Usability Information

This information summarizes the accessibility and usability barriers identified during testing as well as how to get help.

ShopUW+ is the tool employees at all University of Wisconsin institutions use to place orders, submit purchase requisitions, or submit requests for payments. Some will use the system on rare occasions, others use it to perform their daily work.

Get help

If you need accessibility assistance, want to report an accessibility barrier, or if you are having difficulty using ShopUW+ or any of the training materials, email

Accessibility and usability barriers

The following information is provided to help people with disabilities know what potential barriers may exist within ShopUW+.

Keyboard navigation barriers which may impact people with vision or motor disabilities

Some functionality is not reachable via keyboard navigation, such as the navigation sidebar, as well as some menus, filters, and links. The focus indicator, which shows the keyboard navigating user where the navigation has moved to, is often not visible or is difficult to identify due to low color contrast.

Screen reader barriers may impact people who are blind or have low vision

Some elements, such as input fields and buttons, are missing screen reader accessible labels. Some functions, such as sorting table columns and accessing search filters, are not usable while navigating via screen reader. Charts and graphs, such as those in the Business Analytics dashboard, are not screen reader accessible. Some images are missing alternative text.

Magnification and interface barriers may impact people with low vision

When magnified, page content is blocked by the navigation bars and footer, and content can be difficult to view in a small area. Pages do not reflow when  magnified, making it difficult for users with low vision to increase magnification for readability. Some elements overlap when magnified, making certain content inaccessible.

Color contrast barriers may impact people who have low vision or are colorblind

Some elements of the color scheme within ShopUW+ are low contrast or small fonts that may be difficult to access for people who have low vision or are colorblind. Status notifications that use color to indicate the current state or progress, such as order or requisition status,  are low contrast. The color scheme of visualizations is often low contrast and may make using certain analytics features difficult for people who have low vision or are colorblind.

ShopUW+ Accessibility Mode

How to access Accessibility Mode

In ShopUW+, Accessibility Mode can be turned on by going to View My Profile > Language, Time Zone, and Display Settings. In the Accessibility section, set Enable Accessibility Mode to “Yes.”

Features of Accessibility Mode

  • Keyboard navigation barriers are addressed by Accessibility Mode. When navigating via keyboard in Accessibility Mode, the focus indicator is visible and reaches content and navigation.
  • Screen reader navigation is improved as buttons have screen reader accessible labels in accessibility mode. Menus which were not reachable via screen reader are now reachable There is also a “Skip to Main Content” link

Accessibility and usability barriers in Accessibility Mode

  • Magnification and color contrast barriers are still present in Accessibility Mode.
  • Some screen reader accessibility barriers also present in Accessibility Mode, such as images missing alternative text. Some links, buttons, and fields are missing accessible labels. In Accessibility Mode, pages still do not have a heading structure.
  • Visualizations are missing alternative text and are not navigable via screen reader in Accessibility Mode.