Gas Cylinder Rental Policy

This policy defines how MDS and ShopUW+ will charge end-users for rent of cylinders in their possession.

Daily Demurrage (rental) Charges Inventory and Custody Size E Cylinders-Medical Oxygen

Daily Demurrage (rental) Charges

Once a customer receives the cylinders from Airgas and MDS, they will be charged a daily demurrage for each cylinder in their possession. This will continue until the customer returns a cylinder back to MDS. Possession is defined as proof Airgas delivered a cylinder to the loading dock of a building until MDS staff pick-up a cylinder and return it to Airgas.

The demurrage billing period is from the 25th of the month to the 24th of the following month. MDS processes the billing for the demurrage on or around the 25th of the month. If the 25th is on a Friday or a weekend, the billing is processed on the next business day. These charges appear on your MDS account number (MD#) with an invoice that begins with “CYL.”

The gas product within the tank will be charged separately and those invoices begin with “AIR.”

Inventory and Custody

It is the end users responsibility to maintain inventory and keep accurate records of their cylinders from the point they are delivered to the building until the time Airgas picks them back up. It is the responsibility of Airgas to ensure that customers receive their cylinders on their docks and to pick them up when instructed by the end user to do so. While cylinders are in the customer’s possession and within their buildings, it is their responsibility to know where they are. It is suggested each building do a periodic audit of all cylinders within their building for accuracy. Airgas can provide a report of all cylinders within a building for verification and audit purposes if requested.

MDS and Airgas are not responsible for the cylinder once it is delivered to your facility.

Size E Cylinders-Medical Oxygen

When Size E cylinders are delivered to the end user, they have a luggage tag attached to them. This luggage tag contains the barcode of the cylinder. If this luggage tag is removed and discarded, MDS and Airgas cannot track this cylinder. Consequently, the end user is then charged for this cylinder indefinitely.