ShopUW+ Overview

About the P2P Project

After months of planning the Procure-to-Pay Automation (P2P) Project officially kicked off in January 2020. Despite challenges created by the pandemic, the team forged on and ShopUW+ went live in April 2021. The transition from Shop@UW provides an integrated cloud-based system for all University of Wisconsin System institutions to complete purchasing and payment workflows with a shared vendor file.

The ShopUW+ Essentials website provides access to ShopUW+ as well as role-based training and support for technical and user access questions.

Phase 2 of the project will focus on business office functions and provide coordination and support for processes across the UW System. Learn more about Phase 2.

If you have questions about using ShopUW+ review the training courses on the Getting Started page and Quick Reference Guide in Canvas. If you have technical questions about ShopUW+ contact Customer Support.

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